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trending_flatThe Prototype- While the EMCCV is still in development you can play with the prototype. Get it here!
trending_flatSailorXv3- The latest Sailor Senshi Generator of the SailorX family in its original format as well as the new and improved EMCCV format.
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Manage your creations online and get in contact with other creative types! The original Website for the SailorXv3 Sailor Generator!
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Hello, my name is Aeryn and I am the creator of this website and the EMCCV, though it's really a community effort. The EMCCV is a tool for generating concept art, and we call it the

Visualizer, short: The Visualizer.

It is still in development, but a Prototype is available, because the first crowdfunded content, a module as we call it and in this case the Adult Female Humanoid (AFH), is being developed and those who care can try it out and get in contact with me via Patreon, deviantArt and Facebook and let me know what features you want to see next! 


Read on in the About section.

Ready to start creating? 

Go straight to the Downloads.

Already playing and still want more?

Go to the Docs and find out how you can take it to the next level! :)

Recent News

2017-08-28 Released: EMCCV Prototype v4.4

A new EMCCV Prototype update for you!

  • Mac Users: The change from last time to speed up startup is now also implemented for Mac.
  • Troubleshooting: Added logging for startup, since one user could not get the modules to load. It is generated once every time you start the EMCCV Prototype and you'll find the logs in the following directory:
  • Performance: I added randomization limits to avoid Out-Of-Memory errors. You can now safely randomize the entire AFH without the program freezing up! o/

Available from my Google Drive, which you can reach via the links in the side menu.

2017-08-11 Released: EMCCV Prototype v4.3

I have an update to the EMCCV Prototype for you! 

Startup is much faster now! I only found this after I already packaged the Mac version, so that one doesn't have this improvement YET. Will do with the next release.

supported by: ALL elements
inherited: YES
values: 0 to 255 (255 = completely opaque)
Use: You can use opaque image file and make them transparent in the config file. You can use the same file multiple times and set the opacity to different values, thereby offering multiple transparency versions of the same style while using just one graphic file!
Example: New transparent gloves as well as glasses in module SailorXv3.23 and up use opacity.

Since downloads from this website were... unreliable for some I've decided to offer up my google drive. So this is where you will find all releases for download from now on. You don't need to be logged in. If you have problems downloading the files you might want to try another browser. Firefox has caused problems for one user.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Aeryn's Google Drive

2017-04-17 Released: EMCCV Prototype v4.2

No new functions, but a few REALLY IMPORTANT bug fixes and an improved logging system! 

You can now toggle the log tool while you're viewing the dashboard. (All other tools are still disabled.)
Careful: When you turn on logging you will get one log file every time the image is drawn, meaning every time you do anything. So if you ever run into problems: Turn on the log and find out what's happening! And then remember to turn it off again. ^^

Logging does require more resources. You've been warned. :P

The log files are saved into a subfolder within the logs directory. They are sorted by module/date. Make sure you delete the files when you don't need them anymore. ;)

2017-04-16 RELEASED: AFH v0.8

She's not perfect, but I wanted you to have access to what's already there: New sleeves! You can choose among two styles (tight and hippy) as well as 5 lengths each!

The Adult Female Humanoid now also has two new arm positions for each arm. We felt that we needed a relaxed arm position. I got tired just looking at her holding up those arms all the time! ^^

2017-01-07 RELEASED: EMCCV Pv4.1, AFHP and AFH!

The new update is here! :D

The EMCCV Prototype v4.1 now has 

  • new scroll buttons instead of a scrollbar, due to some users having problems with the scrollbar not working. 
  • improved color randomization (when combined with the color link same colors remain the same)

The AFHP v0.2 (Adult Female Humanoid Portrait) has more facial details for the most part, as well as a right earring. The big update for this one is yet to come because I've been focusing on the AFH.

The AFH v0.7 (Adult Female Humanoid) is now available to everyone! I am hoping to garner more enthusiasm and financial support this way (I am collecting roughly $30 per month via Patreon, but I am spending a consistent $150, which I won't be able to keep up much longer, so things will slow down without your support!
The update this time includes plenty of new hairstyles! (sleek, voluminous, wavy, back hair, front hair, ponytails, pigtails, down or in motion,...)