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trending_flatThe Prototype- While the EMCCV is still in development you can play with the prototype. Get it here!
trending_flatSailorXv3- The latest Sailor Senshi Generator of the SailorX family in its original format as well as the new and improved EMCCV format.
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trending_flatAFH- All about the Adult Female Humanoid module

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Manage your creations online and get in contact with other creative types! The original Website for the SailorXv3 Sailor Generator!
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Who is it for?

The EMCCV (Extendable Modular Creative Concept Visualizer) is aimed at creative people (dress-up-game lovers, writers, role-playing gamers, ...) who want images of their ideas to have and share! Or you may be at the very beginning of the creative process and looking for inspiration!

With the EMCCV you can create an image of your concepts - or use the extensive randomization features to surprise yourself with a new one! - that you can then share with your publisher, co-writer, artist, co-players, fans, friends...  

The EMCCV is inspired by the Kisekae Set System (short: KiSS). It implements the viewer/doll model.  Users will also be able to supply their own modules (dolls), extensions and modifications! We will create a wizard within the EMCCV to make creating new dolls even easier than it used to be with KiSS! 

How does it work?

Let's say you are a role playing gamer with a female character. Now you want an image to put on your character sheet! Or you've written a comic book and now want to share your vision with your penciller: You would open the EMCCV and load the Adult Female Humanoid module...  (In the future you will be able to do this in the browser, too!)

Now you are presented with a female base body. The interface will guide you through first choosing an expression, hair style and pose that suits your character's personality. Next you want additional items/aspects, and for those you'll load the... let's say medieval fantasy extension. Now you have a list of items: Choose which items should be included in your picture (like leather armour, clerical robes, weapons...). Then choose the exact colour from an unlimited palette of colours for each item! You can save and import colour settings, too! 

The last step is to choose a cool background - or leave it transparent - and export the image as a png. Now you can share it with the world!

Initially the EMCCV will focus on human characters, offering various body types and sets of clothes and items to visualize a variety of ideas. It will represent the classic concept of a dress-up-game. But other types of modules like items or landscapes are planned!

The EMCCV Experience

The EMCCV experience can be divided into two aspects: The tool itself and the community around it.

The tool will come as a download first and then embedded in a multi-user website, which will allow for generating, saving, editing and publishing one's own creations, as well as browsing, collecting and commenting on others.

Users will create character profiles for their creations. Furthermore they can save, load and share their settings (thereby inviting other users to collaborate) and eventually use their character images to participate in self-managed forum based online role-playing games.

Or they can embed generated images in their writings, which will also be hosted at the future!

In short: will be the place for you to keep your stories, role-playings-games and designs all in one place and connect and collaborate with like-minded people!