Find out what the EMCCV is all about!

trending_flatPurpose- What's the use?
trending_flatHistory- What came before?
trending_flatPlans- What's coming next?
trending_flatThe Team- Who's behind it?

All you need to get creative!

trending_flatThe Prototype- While the EMCCV is still in development you can play with the prototype. Get it here!
trending_flatSailorXv3- The latest Sailor Senshi Generator of the SailorX family in its original format as well as the new and improved EMCCV format.
trending_flatAFHP- All about the Adult Female Humanoid Portrait module
trending_flatAFH- All about the Adult Female Humanoid module

Can't get enough? Create your own content!

trending_flatGetting started- Find out what you need and where to begin.
trending_flatGraphics Primer- Find out how to prepare your graphic files.
trending_flatXML Primer- The nitty gritty: how to write your config file!
trending_flatReference- An overview of all the possibilities within the config file!

This part is dedicated to all those little helpers out there - THANK YOU!

trending_flatSupporters- A list of all who have supported the EMCCV project so far!
trending_flatGet involved!- Find out what you get do to help!
linkPatreon- Our Patreon campaign.
linkIndieGoGo- Our IndieGoGo campaign.

Manage your creations online and get in contact with other creative types! The original Website for the SailorXv3 Sailor Generator!
linkDeviantArt Account- The SailorXv3 account where you'll get all the SailorXv3 previews first!
linkDeviantArt Group- A deviantArt group for viewing and sharing all SailorXv3 creations.
linkFacebook Page- The official SailorXv3 Facebook page
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Downloads → The Prototype

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Get the Prototype!

While my man Luk3 is working on the EMCCV, I want you to be able to play with the new content now! At the same time we want early feedback from you to make sure the EMCCV is the best it can be when it is finally released.

For this purpose I am simultaneously working on a prototype. It doesn't have the full functionality that's planned for the final EMCCV release, but I try to get as close as possible. And you can start creating now! 

  1. Download the EMCCV Prototype for your computer, using the link on the left. This will take you to my Google Drive, where you can download the EMCCV_Prototype. Here you'll find the most recent release, as well as older ones (which you can ignore).
  2. It comes in a zip file, which you will have to unzip in a folder of your choice. Once you do you will have an EMCCV_Prototype folder with the application itself and one or several subfolders (depending on whether you are on Windows or Mac).
  3. If there is no modules folder, create it. (I sometimes forget to include it in the zip file.)
  4. The EMCCV is ready, but you have no content yet, so you need to download the modules! They are available on the next pages of this website, which you can reach via the links in the menu on the left. I recommend that you download them right into the modules folder.
  5. The modules, too, come in a zip file, which you will have to unzip. If you downloaded the SailorXv3 module, then you should now be presented with a SailorXv3 folder, containing a config.xml file as well as the folders data, entities and possibly images, too.
  6. You should now have the following directories:
    EMCCV_Prototype → modules → SailorXv3
    EMCCV_Prototype → modules → SailorXv3 → data
    EMCCV_Prototype → modules → SailorXv3 → entities
    EMCCV_Prototype → modules → SailorXv3 → images

    Or another way of depicting the file structure:
    → modules
  7. Now you can start the EMCCV_Prototype application! You will be presented with a list of modules in your modules directory. Click on the one you want to launch and you're good to go!