Find out what the EMCCV is all about!

trending_flatPurpose- What's the use?
trending_flatHistory- What came before?
trending_flatPlans- What's coming next?
trending_flatThe Team- Who's behind it?

All you need to get creative!

trending_flatThe Prototype- While the EMCCV is still in development you can play with the prototype. Get it here!
trending_flatSailorXv3- The latest Sailor Senshi Generator of the SailorX family in its original format as well as the new and improved EMCCV format.
trending_flatAFHP- All about the Adult Female Humanoid Portrait module
trending_flatAFH- All about the Adult Female Humanoid module

Can't get enough? Create your own content!

trending_flatGetting started- Find out what you need and where to begin.
trending_flatGraphics Primer- Find out how to prepare your graphic files.
trending_flatXML Primer- The nitty gritty: how to write your config file!
trending_flatReference- An overview of all the possibilities within the config file!

This part is dedicated to all those little helpers out there - THANK YOU!

trending_flatSupporters- A list of all who have supported the EMCCV project so far!
trending_flatGet involved!- Find out what you get do to help!
linkPatreon- Our Patreon campaign.
linkIndieGoGo- Our IndieGoGo campaign.

Manage your creations online and get in contact with other creative types! The original Website for the SailorXv3 Sailor Generator!
linkDeviantArt Account- The SailorXv3 account where you'll get all the SailorXv3 previews first!
linkDeviantArt Group- A deviantArt group for viewing and sharing all SailorXv3 creations.
linkFacebook Page- The official SailorXv3 Facebook page
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This is where I will be listing all supporters of the EMCCV - at least those who want to be listed. ^^

If you have supported the EMCCV in any way and would like to be listed on this page please let me know! I need your name (alias or real - up to you!) and optionally a link for your website or online profile or similar. And if you can spare the time, then a little comment as to why the EMCCV is interesting to you would be great!!


Theolas deviantArt Profile "The EMCCV inspires me to improve my own art skills."
Shay deviantArt Profile Instagram Twitter Tumblr "As a writer with less-than-desirable artistic capabilities, it's wonderful to have an in-depth programme that allows me to create visuals for the characters in my head."
Crystalsetsuna deviantArt Profile "All the possibilities and creativity.<3 This must be supported and encouraged in all people."
Azurite deviantArt Profile "I think the EMCCV can be very inspirational. I use things like this to explore ideas (otaku senshi, alternate universe senshi) or to try and solidify what another character (OC) looks like to me. Or what a character we've only seen a glimpse of looks like (Coronis)."
Katieline deviantArt Profile "Oodles of options? Check. Support for custom files and modding? Check. The ability for even non-artists to model and design awesome characters? WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING ALREADY."